5 Points to Make Your Move Safe in Metro City Delhi NCR

Ncrpackersmovers giving you the list of packers and movers in Delhi, Gurgaon and Noida, Almost on nearest locations in NCR. So, our responsibility to aware you for a safe move in any location of INDIA. Here we describe 5 points to make your move safe. Before making a choice from given list, checked that the moving company meets these five points.

1. Reputed Companies or not

How to determine that moving companies are real and reputed:

a. ISO certified Companies – Which company you selected is ISO certified or not. ISO certification, show clearly that product or service provided by the company, meets the expectations of the customers.

b. Experience In Moving Services – How long has the company been in moving services. Check companies, bio and reviews on a good reputation website like Wikipedia, facebook and the google’s reviews that what people say about that company.

c. Check the Company Website – Company website one of the simplest way to determine that the company are real or not. Verify the contact numbers (mobile number, telephone number). Contact numbers are offline way to contact with the company. If offline way is not available then you understand that something is wrong. It is a red flag.

d. Visiting the Address – Visiting on the company address is another way to verify the existent of the company. If the company address doesn’t exist or fake than you can’t believe in them.

2. Goods Insurance

In which a moving company gives you a guarantee of repayment for loss and damages of your goods. Goods Insurance is mandatory and helpful for you to claim on the moving company in case of loss. We suggest you do good insurance definitely.

Moving goods or any things from one place to another place are under Transit Insurance or Transit Policy. Transit Insurance covers 3 types of risk (I) Loss (II) Damage (III) Delay.

So, insure yourself from 3 types of unpredictable risk.

3. Packing Quality

Packing Quality is the 3rd point, which is very important aspect in making your move safe. Low quality packing is the reason of almost damages. So, (a) Very carefully watch and check quality and what packing material used by the moving company. (b) How to pack your goods by the moving company workers. (c) And workers are knowledgeable and professional or not.

What packaging material do you use?

Do use the following:

  • Bubble wrap
  • High quality packing tape
  • Acid-Free Archival Paper (Glassine)
  • Foam Board
  • Cardboard corner protectors
  • PVC pipe or heavy duty mailing tube

DON’T use the following:

  • Styrofoam peanuts
  • Second-hand filler (newspaper, magazine pages, plastic bags, etc.)
  • Non-archival quality tissue paper for wrapping artwork
  • Garbage bin bags

4. Vehicle used in Moving

Vehicle used to move, shifting and transportation depend on three factors. Number of items, What types of items you want to move and moving distance. If you are hiring moving company in Delhi to move safely, then you can’t ignore these factors. It is necessary to consider the type of vehicle to use when moving. It should be able to match with your needs.

Mostly, two types of vehicle used by the company:

  • Truck
  • Tempo

Truck is used for long distance and Tempo for local shifting. You can’t use the tempo for moving long distance.

5. Goods Consignment Tracking System

The Goods Consignment Tracking System is indispensable from the viewpoint of safety and security of goods. Great professional moving companies in Delhi have a Tracking System, which give you a security feature to track and find goods on the way for your knowledge.

Before choosing the moving company, find out the tracking system is being provided by the company or not.

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